Khamis, 28 April 2011

hate u blog or comment ?

1. Your blog is useless, crap and nothing. Seems like your blog not have anything can be shared and can be valued by your visitor. So, do you think they will give some feedback like comment at any of your articles?
2. Not have good topic to discuss. Yahh, we know many people have their own personal blog. But sometimes, you talk like nothing and people who comes and never knowing you will never thought to do anything. They just read and leave if their thought your blog not give anything good to them. So, they leave.
3. You and your blog not cute. I know you not handsome or pretty, but please do something with your blog theme design. Default theme and you not do any changes to your blog, might be help you to not get any comment to your blog. This is another reason why people hate to comment at some blog.
4. Your comment section. It was hard to write a comment. If you use blogspot, please open your comment section for all people. Not only for blogspot people. If not, you just losing more powerful visitor to your blog. Many people not use blogspot. But i know many people who love using blogspot as their main blog.
5. You not do good promotion. If you not do anything like blog commenting, blog walking, do some review, give and take with other blogger, participate with many event and forum, usefacebook wisely and others, do you think people will come and play with you? Did you think they love to comment at your article even we know you share some good topic and nice story?
And others. I can write 1001 reason why people hate comment at your blog. But just fix this 5 reason and you can see many visitor comes to your blog. Just give a try first and never give up.

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